If you’re suing someone because of a personal injury or fighting a criminal case, you may be wondering
whether witnesses are necessary for an outcome in your favor. The answer is that they are not. However,
having someone testify on your behalf can do wonders to bolster your case. Here’s what you need to
know about the many types of witnesses you can use.


The first category is someone who saw what happened. This person should have been present during the
event for the statement to have merit. An eyewitness could be someone you know or an individual you’ve
never met. What matters most is that this person possesses information that contributes to proving your
Your attorney can work with this individual to leave a positive impression on the witness stand. Fair or
not, a person’s courtroom credibility is impacted by how one dresses. Elocution is another matter by
which others measure someone. Legal eagles have the skills to work with them beforehand so that a
jury’s focus remains on the message that’s delivered, not the messenger. Further, attorneys will provide
training on how to respond to questions under a courtroom’s bright lights. Pretrial preparation can be an
essential part of improving eyewitness credibility.

Expert Witnesses

The second type is the outside professional. Medical and mental health experts are the best known. A
plaintiff might call on a psychologist to explain the emotional impact of the trauma in question. A medical
doctor might be needed to affirm that an operation was unwarranted. Accident reconstruction specialists
are another type of expert witness your attorney might desire in a personal injury case. Alternatively, your
case could hinge on the words of an expert who has insight regarding your specific event.
In certain states, courtrooms need to determine whether an expert witness may appear. The individual
must have sufficient qualifications to speak knowledgeably on the topic at hand. Also, the subject matter
has to be deemed relevant to the case. Finally, a factual basis behind supporting the expert’s testimony is
required, as well as an absence of conflicts of interest.
Finding a great expert witness can be a challenge. Attorneys who’ve handled many cases have networks
that allow access to the best-qualified people. Testimony is often expensive. An experienced lawyer that
works with expert witnesses can help you secure the most affordable rate for someone’s appearance.
Having an independent witness verify why you were hurt can make all the difference. Talking with your
trial attorney, like our friends at Cohen & Cohen, can help.