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Purgatory Cannot be Worse than Hell

We wrapped up the firm's first 9th Circuit oral argument on Friday. If you want to watch, take look here. Our claims center around a pre-trial civil detainee at Washington's Special Commitment Center who faces arbitrary restrictions on his constitutional rights,...

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Respect Renters’ Rights

3/7/18 Update: HB 656 will not be heard this year as the House leadership is trying to wrap up the session! There's a bill in the Idaho Legislature that, put simply, is full of bad ideas. Among the issues we have with House Bill No. 656 are: It allows landlords to...

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Fourth Amendment Friday — Get Off My Lawn

NOTE: Welcome to the first post in our other new alliteratively-titled weekly blog post series, Fourth Amendment Fridays. With this series we hope to highlight aspects of search and seizure law that may not be widely-known. Our hope is that an informed citizenry armed...

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WTF Wednesday- Citizens United: Not Wrongly Decided?

NOTE: Welcome to our inaugural WTF Wednesday post. With this series we hope to highlight aspects of the law and legal profession that make one want to cry out “What The #@!*?” Sometimes this will be a decision we think has been wrongly decided, while other times it...

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Lawyers Love Conflict?

Lawyers love conflict. At least they would appear to, given their choice of career. For trial lawyers in particular, conflict is the name of the game. We have an adversarial judicial process and your job as a trial lawyer is to go to battle on behalf of one of the...

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The First Amendment Right to Rock

As visitors to our Facebook page will be aware, Johnathan and I recently recorded our first radio ads for the firm. They will be airing on 96.9 The Eagle and are also available on Soundcloud here. Each ad closes with a reminder for listeners to exercise their...

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