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The First Amendment Right to Rock

As visitors to our Facebook page will be aware, Johnathan and I recently recorded our first radio ads for the firm. They will be airing on 96.9 The Eagle and are also available on Soundcloud here. Each ad closes with a reminder for listeners to exercise their...

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Negotiating in Good Faith

Negotiation plays a prominent role in our adversarial legal system. Litigating through the court system can be notoriously slow and expensive, so parties to a dispute have a strong incentive to work things out amongst themselves. Before a case gets to the point of...

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What is Community Property?

Getting divorced is difficult. No matter the circumstances, the dissolution of a marriage is a trying time for all of those involved. In order for everyone to move on, a clean break is ideal. In a divorce that doesn't include children, the distribution of property is...

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The Right to Record the Police in Idaho

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued a decision in Fields v. City of Philadelphia addressing the constitutional right to record police engaged in official business in public. This got me wondering about the nature of that right in Idaho. The Third...

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Your Public Defender IS a Real Attorney

Hello Internet! For my first blog post I wanted to respond to an idea that floats around our culture: that public defenders are somehow not as good as private criminal defense attorneys. When I was a public defender, this was most memorably expressed to me by a client...

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Introductions and Solanum Tuberosum

By Johnathan Baldauf Hello and welcome to our tiny corner of the Internet! Our goal with this blog is to inform, entertain, and further the discussion about a multitude of aspects about the law. Some posts will directly relate to our practice (either the business of...

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Baldauf Masser

We are a small firm focused on guiding normal people through tough situations with a compassionate, thoughtful, and zealous approach. Our practice centers around criminal defense, family law, and small business/startup consulting.